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How to Prevent a Windshield Chip From Spreading

Posted - 01/26/2012

The most common cause of a chipped windshield is gravel that is thrown into the air by another vehicle. Once a chip is present, it can easily develop into a crack, making windshield replacement necessary. For example, driving over a speed bump or hitting a pothole is sometimes all it takes for the chipped place to become a long crack. The energy that is absorbed by the tires spreads throughout the rest of the vehicle, including the windshield. Temperature extremes can cause a windshield to crack as well.

In order to prevent a windshield chip from spreading, many people use super glue or even fingernail polish to fill the chipped place. This method has limited success at best and, in the long run, can do more harm than good. The super glue gets into the crack and will interfere with the material that an auto glass company would use to repair the windshield properly. As a result, the chip will developed into a large crack sooner or later leaving no alternative but to have the windshield replaced.

The most effective way to prevent a chip from spreading, therefore, is to resist the urge to do it yourself and have a professional auto glass replacement company make the repairs. The results will most likely be guaranteed.
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